Used Garments, Shoes, bags and Home Appliances
Wholesale in Bales & Containers

Product offerings

Our product range encompasses mixed electronics , high-quality used clothes graded for condition and quality, graded used shoes, pre-owned bags, and an extensive selection of garments including jackets, hoodies, shirts, children garments and pants

Shipping & Packaging

We provide customized packaging options, including bales and carton packages, to meet the specific needs of our customers. Furthermore, we offer shipping to South East AsiaEast AfricaWest Africa, and the Middle East, providing convenient access to customers in these regions.

Quality and Variety: Ensuring Quality Control and Grading

We prioritize stringent quality control and a comprehensive grading system to ensure that our diverse range of products meets the highest standards of quality and condition. This commitment provides customers with assurance and transparency, allowing them to make informed choices based on accurate and reliable grading categories.


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